Generate Cash Flow

LOVETTS can help you increase the profitability of your business by showing you how to decrease cost, increase revenue and ensure the proper management of working capital. With the help of LOVETTS, your business may substantially increase cash flow. 

Profit plans
Profit plans provide a 3 way forecast comprising of a balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow statement. These plans are important to optimise business performance, through strategic timing of plant acquisitions and review of funding options.

Cost reduction strategy
Once LOVETTS has identified the current costs incurred by the business, we will assist you to develop strategies to decrease both your fixed and variable costs.

Profitability analysis
A profitability analysis is the calculation of the gross profit per sales line item, service offering or customer account and determining their contribution to total profits to help businesses determine which products or lines they should expand or retract.

Key performance indicators
Key performance indicators are measurements that indicate the success of a business, such as; revenue, profit or forward orders. Regular review of KPIs highlights potential opportunities and problems.

Debtors optimisation
Debtors optimisation is the process of minimising debtors periods to maximise working capital.

Working capital fixes
LOVETTS can advise on working capital fixes by implementing the strategies to decrease the time between businesses ordering goods and receiving payment for them, assisting the negotiation of extended credit and the use of an overdraft and other facilities.