Our specialist team can assist you to accelerate your business or plan for the establishment of a new business.

Through proper planning, Lovetts can help your business expand sustainably.

Grow Business

Business start up

Business start up involves the identification of start up costs, registration of the business, cash flow and business planning, plans for raising capital and the development of a business plan, risk review and strategic plan.

Cashflow forecast

A cash flow forecast is a forecast of future cash receipts and cash payments on a monthly or annual basis. It is a common requirement for obtaining bank finance however it is also an essential element of proper planning and business management. Three way forecasts are our speciality.

Business planning/modelling

Business planning is the process of developing a plan to establish a new business or grow an existing entity. Business modelling is the projection of cash flow and the identification of possible changes in order to develop contingency plans.

Assistance with raising capital

Assistance with raising capital is the identification of the need to raise finance within a business and the production of the required supporting documents and working with financiers.

Risk reviews

A risk review is a component of a business report that identifies the material risks of that business or business proposal. A risk report forms the basis of the development of preventative and contingency actions to manage the risk.

Strategy reviews

A strategy review is a growth orientated plan for strategic expansion and the identification of strengths and opportunities in order to increase long term business growth.

Revenue Growth Plans

Revenue growth plans provide a comprehensive strategy to increase the total revenue of your business.