When the time comes to sell your business, it’s important to ensure all stakeholders achieve the best possible outcomes.

Lovetts can help ensure that your business is ready and we can also assist with any associated negotiations.

Plan Succession

Succession planning

Planning for the sale of whole or part of a business has significant taxation implications. LOVETTS expertise in this area allows these consequences to be optimised through a comprehensive knowledge of small business CGT concessions and other taxation outcomes.

Business sale negotiations

Buying and selling a business is a complicated and time consuming process. It involves the valuation of the assets and liabilities of the business, the development of a term sheet to establish principal terms and facilitate negotiations and develop the final contract.

Employee shareholders

The development of employee shareholders is a viable method for a person to exit their business or to motivate key employees.


Investigations involve the exploration of financial records to discover fraud, theft and miscalculations.

Business valuation

Business valuation is a specialised area of accounting which determines the value of the business by considering the projection of future portfolio earnings, assets, liabilities and goodwill.

Information memoranda

An information memorandum is a sale document that is prepared to let a potential buyer analyse if they are interested in a business without disclosing too much important confidential information about the business. 

Stakeholder agreements

Stakeholder agreements are the agreements between two or more stakeholders to facilitate the development of a business relationship. A stakeholder agreement is essential to protect the interests of all stakeholders. Examples include Shareholder Agreements, Trust Holder Deeds (or inclusions in Trust Deeds) and Partnership or Joint Venture Agreements.