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Setting up business in Singapore?

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Singapore is a close neighbour to Australia and has many benefits for the establishment of a new business. Nonetheless, it is a foreign jurisdiction and complexities arise within the Australian tax system that need to be thought through and dealt with prior to the establishment of a new business. This video covers the Singapore’s major pros and cons across the business spectrum.

Should I set up my new business here in Australia or go offshore?

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There are pros and cons in all the business areas in deciding whether to set up in Australia or taking your business offshore. It’s necessary to consider the small but sophisticated domestic market, close vicinity to large Asian markets and early adoption of technology. Aspects of supply are expensive, but talented people want to live in Australia because it’s a great lifestyle. Taxes are relatively high but there is an absence of estate and gift taxes.

New rules to help directors save their company

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The Government changed the Corporations Act in September 2017 to provide, so called, ‘safe harbour’ rules to help directors rescue their company if they are concerned that it can’t or may not be able to pay its debts when they fall due. The new rules soften the subsisting insolvent trading regime which sheets home to directors the personal liability for the debts a company incurs whilst trading at a time that it is insolvent and place a responsibility on directors to put their company into administration or liquidation. Personal responsibility for a company’s insolvent trading debts applies: to someone who…

FIFO workers now have superannuation opportunity

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A big superannuation disadvantage existed for fly-in fly-out resources professionals working overseas for a foreign company.  The foreign company is not obliged and probably not able to make superannuation contributions and the professional was not able to make deductible personal contributions. The problem for an overseas FIFO professional was this: She is likely a resident of Australia for tax purposes The foreign employer can’t or won’t make superannuation contributions The mining professional would like to get tax deductions for personal contributions The requirement was, in effect, to be ‘self-employed’ and satisfy the 10% test That test requires less than 10%…