Welcome to Lovetts.

We are a specialised accounting firm offering high level, personalised, quality services to successful businesses, families and individuals.

For over 50 years, Lovetts has been helping businesses solve complex problems and take advantage of lucrative opportunities. Our team also works with individuals who require personal accounting advice to manage their portfolio of wealth affairs.

Our purpose is to nurture a select group of clients to achieve their financial objectives through specialist accounting services that assist them to:

  • save tax
  • generate cash flow
  • grow business
  • build wealth
  • protect assets
  • plan succession
  • expand internationally
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Payroll tax update for Queensland

This video contains some good news for small and particularly regional employers, including the following changes: • Reduction in tax…
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Tax advantages for celebrities, sports people and entertainers

This video is about Government moves to prevent high profile sportspeople, celebrities and entertainers from gaining income splitting tax advantages…

Can you claim a tax deduction for cleaning up an environmental mess?

Broadly yes, provided the expenditure is for the sole or dominant purpose of environmental protection activities that are sufficiently linked…